South Africa*

So basically, the trip to South Africa that was booked for May 2020, is now taking place in May 2021, thanks COVID. But this trip is going to be even better than the original trip – not only will we attend two weddings and celebrate the special occasion with our friends, we’ll also meet the latest member of the family, Andre’s niece! If you’re around and want to catch up with us, please get in touch. See you soon.

* trip subject to latest COVID regulation and Government advice

Travel dates

23 April - 09 May 2021


Warmbad | Johannesburg | Cape Town | Stellenbosch

Coming 2021

We have a really exciting trip in the pipeline but due to COVID19, we had to postpone it. The original trip was booked in for January but we’ve placed it on hold for now and will reassess the situation in early 2021. Once international borders reopen, and we get the green light to travel, we’ll share the details with you here. A special shout-out and thank you to British Airways for allowing us to move flights around without any ifs or buts, you guys rock big time! And for those who are curious about the destination, we’ve left you a (not so) subtle clue below. Stay tuned!