The last time we packed our bags and left the house was back in March 2020, so when the family in Cornwall invited us over for a visit, we didn’t need convincing. The trip from Harlow to Falmouth typically takes just under 6 hours to drive, but since it was a bank holiday weekend, we decided to skip a bit of school and left the house around 14:00. The mission was to drive halfway today, then find a quiet little English town where we could spend the night so that we can hit the road again tomorrow morning. As expected, the M25 (the ring road around London) was super busy and it took much longer to get to the M3 motorway that would take us south-west, but it wasn’t until we merged onto the A303 that we found ourselves in bumper-to-bumper traffic, basically stuck for more than an hour.

We were so fed up with the traffic that, shortly after passing Stonehenge (pic below), we asked Google Maps to take us on ANY other route and boy, are we glad we did. In less than 20 mins, the scenery around us changed from the A303’s horrific traffic to a countryside road so small that we weren’t really sure whether it’s public or private land – but we just kept on driving. The English countryside is stunning – old stone houses, beautiful open fields with yellow and white flowers as far as the eye can see, horses sipping water from the mountain streams and thanks to all the rain we recently had, the countryside is greener than ever before – it’s simply picturesque!

After 8 hours on the road (should only have taken us 4 hours), we were halfway to Cornwall and decided to stop over for the night just outside Ilminster at a roadside pub and hotel called The Bell at Broadway. It was the perfect way to end a very long day as folks over here are super friendly, the hotel and pub just beautiful (pic below) and best of all, they had ice-cold beers and delicious pizza. Elaine and I sat outside in their garden till late into the night, enjoying the peace and quiet only the countryside can provide.

Tomorrow morning early we’ll be back on the road and on our way to Falmouth, but tonight, we can say goodnight from the perfect little roadside hotel, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

The room view from the Bell Broadway
The road less travelled
The road less travelled