Over the last few days we had quite a lot of snow. In fact, if it wasn’t for the snowplow that came over every 2 to 3 hours to clear our driveway, then we probably wouldn’t have been able to get the car back onto the main road at all. One of the many things I love about the Scandinavian countries is how they are fully prepared to deal with any weather condition that mother nature may throw at them – these guys are just next level.

For our last day in Tromsø we decided to head into town to enjoy the local scene of shops and restaurants. You also don’t have to know Nico and Anneleen well to know they love their coffee, so the first stop was a coffee stop. The little town of Tromsø is beautiful and the soft string lights throughout the streets give it a warm and romantic atmosphere. You can walk around for hours and every time you turn onto a new street you’ll discover a new range of shops and cafes that are even quirkier than those you just came from. We love it, it feels unreal!

At 14:00, we were on a shuttle bus that took us to the reindeer farm just outside of Tromsø and upon arrival, the heavens opened up – snow, like we’ve never experienced before, came falling down from above but nothing was going to stop us feeding the reindeer. There we were, in the dark, on top of the world and in freezing temperatures, feeding the animals we can only find on Christmas cards in South Africa. After we fed the reindeer, we only deemed it appropriate for the reindeer to feed us as we enjoyed a homemade reindeer stew – it was MIND BLOWINGLY delicious!

After our late lunch, our group got together in a traditional Tipi with a cosy fire where we learned more about the local tribes of the area – the Sami people, and despite what Nico may tell you, he LOVED learning about the Samis. He especially enjoy their wonderful music. In fact, later that night, Nico actually admitted to us that the session in the Tipi was not only the highlight of the trip but the highlight of his life. I’m just glad I could share this magical moment with him.

Tomorrow we head back to London before Nico and Anneleen say their final goodbyes on Sunday night. As always, Norway’s been so much fun, and we’ll be back without a doubt.