It’s good to be back in the Arctic during the Polar Night – it’s dark and cold, exactly as we remember it from last year. This time, however, we didn’t come to celebrate Christmas with Lauren, Nico and Cinthya, but instead came back to celebrate New Year’s Eve with Nico and Anneleen. Oh, and of course to give the Aurora hunting another try after last year’s truly unsuccessful mission.

Yesterday, the four of us arrived in Tromsø just after lunch time. As it’s the darkest month of the year (middle of the Polar Night), we only had an hour of twilight left and at 14:30 in the afternoon, when we did our grocery shopping, it was already completely dark – a mind blowing experience for our visitors. (to be honest, Elaine and I aren’t yet used to it either)

This morning we woke up in the dark, made breakfast and then waited until about 11:00 to have some light to explore in. Last year, we stayed 20 kms north east of the Tromsø town centre and this year we decided to book a cabin roughly the same distance away but in the south west. Our cabin is slightly bigger than last year’s one and is situated just a few metres away from the water which gives us a beautiful view of the Fjord. To add the little cherry on top, our cabin also have an outdoor fireplace which could be the perfect place to wait for the Northern Lights, however, to get there you have to hike roughly 100 metres up the mountain through the snow but the view makes it all worth it.

Tonight, we will embark on yet another Aurora hunting mission and hopefully we get a chance to see the lights. How cool would it be to wave goodbye to one decade and greet another under a green Arctic sky? Fingers crossed.

Yip, we did a naked man and naked girl photo. It was awesome.