Oh my soul – WHAT AN AMAZING NIGHT! England has crushed the All Blacks to secure their place in the Rugby World Cup final and we had front row seats to experience one of the greatest games of the 2019 tournament!

After yesterday’s storm, we woke up this morning to a beautiful day in Tokyo – blue skies, sunny and actually not to warm which made it perfect for rugby. I left Elaine in the room as I slipped out to do a quick breakfast run. The only open restaurants I could find were the ones at Tokyo station, a massive overland and underground train terminal. It’s from here that the Shinkansen (the bullet train) connects Tokyo with Yokohama and the vibe was just incredible. As I stood in line at the restaurant, I looked across the terminal floor and played a game (to entertain myself) called “spot a local”. All I could see was a sea of white as the whole place was crawling with England supporters and the occasional All Blacks supporter passing by. People seemed to be in an incredibly good mood as they started making their way to the stadium and the station was filled with their singing and chanting.

Hours later, Elaine and I jumped on the Shinkansen to make the 18-minute journey to Shin-Yokohama. From the station, it’s about 6 or 7 blocks to Yokohama stadium and I must commend the Japanese officials on their handling of the crowds. From getting you off the train and giving you directions to the stadium all the way to security checks, ticket scans and getting you in to your seat, they operated better than a German train schedule! We were moments away from kick-off and the 72,000 fans were ecstatic as the two teams stepped onto the field for the anthems. It was game on!

I told Elaine that England had a fighting chance but that I do believe it’s the end of the road for them as New Zealand simply is the better team, but 80 minutes later, with probably the best atmosphere we’ve ever experienced at a live event, the Roses claimed a 19-7 victory over the defending champions! It was unbelievable and England delivered their most clinical performance to date, ending New Zealand’s campaign for another World Cup Title.

Tomorrow night we return to Yokohama to support South Africa against Wales in the second semi-final of Rugby World Cup 2019. The winner will book their date with England next week and the loser will play New Zealand for third place. Tonight was amazing and we hope the Bokke can pull off a win tomorrow night to secure their place in the final.

Congratulations England for an incredible performance. Good luck Bokke, we look forward to seeing you in 24 hours.