Okay so where were we, let’s back up a bit because a lot has happened since our last post.

Last weekend, was a long weekend in the UK and we decided to spend it with family in Dover. As some of you may know, we recently bought a drone, so this was the perfect location to do some test flights (check out my Instagram). After spending the entire Saturday just chilling out, catching up and flying the Spark around the cliffs, we decided to visit Dover Castle on Sunday where we learnt all kinds of cool British history. Then on Monday, we drove back to London, quickly stopped at the flat to repack our suitcases and then immediately left for the airport where we stayed in the airport hotel. On Tuesday morning, bright and early, we checked in at Gatwick for our flight and at 07:05 we were airborne, making our 4-hour flight over to Crete. This was our annual sea holiday so once we took off we could feel ourselves going into a mellow state of relaxation. (okay not really, the in-flight movie was quite intense with more Russians trying to kill Harrison Ford, but you know what I mean). From Tuesday to Thursday this week, we enjoyed some time off at our resort, sipping cocktails next to the pool, enjoying the sea and the sun, but more on that in our Crete post.

…Okay, and we’re back in.

This morning at 06:00, Elaine and I took a taxi from our hotel in Crete to Heraklion’s harbour to catch the 08:00 ferry to Santorini. Luckily, weather conditions were perfect so we enjoyed a smooth ride to Greece’s most visited and famous island.

One of the first things you’ll notice in Santorini (like many of the other Greek islands) is that the landscape is drastically different from the typical island setup. Instead of white sandy beaches and palm trees, you’ll be greeted by a large rock formation with beautiful white coated villages situated on top of it. The reason for this is because Santorini is the result of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history, dating back over 3600 years. It was once one of the most active volcanos in the region, stretching 500 km long and 40 km wide but today it’s just a water-filled caldera. From a distance, the white villages on the island make it look like snow-capped mountains but the climate quickly reminds that it’s definitely not snow.

At 10:00 we arrived at the port in Santorini and had to get a taxi to Oia. The first 10-15 minutes of the taxi ride is literally just a zig-zag road climbing the 100-meter high ‘mountain of volcanic ash’. Once you reach the top you can see multiple villages situated across the island, all coated in their famous white outfit. The taxi ride to Oia took around 45 minutes and the Greek driving-style is very similar to my birth country where rules are seen as “suggested guidelines” and “do-what-you-want-just-please-don’t-kill-anyone”.

The little village of Oia is simply spectacular! It’ situated on the edge on the caldera so it gives you stunning views of the bay, the boats and the rest of the island. One of the best things about this little village is that you can only explore the place on foot. Elaine and I strolled through the narrow cobbled alleyways for hours and couldn’t stop staring at all the beautiful buildings, luxury hotels, hundreds of infinity pools and, of course, the church buildings with their iconic blue domes.  It’s one of the places in the world where time stands still and you’re curious to see where every little path leads to.

After an amazing lunch with seafood and wine, we strolled to our hotel to check in. To our surprise, our room was not the usual hotel room either, instead of sleeping in the main hotel building, we had our own little villa on the seafront. The building was literally carved into the rock, so whilst the inside gave us a “cave-like” feel with much cooler temperatures, the exterior of our villa had it’s own blue door and windows, making it blend in seamlessly with the outside world. Even though we had to climb a billion stairs each time we leave the room (at least it felt like a billion), the view from our front porch completely made up for it.

After watching a beautiful sunset from our hotel, Elaine and I went out for dinner. We found a nice little restaurant on the bay side with string lights and friendly Greek people – it was the perfect ending to the perfect day.

Tomorrow afternoon at 17:20 we will cruise back to Crete and I am sure we will miss this amazing place. If you plan to see Greece only once, Santorini absolutely MUST be on your itinerary.

Good night,
Andre & Elaine