This week, Elaine made a quick trip to South Africa to meet the latest addition to the family, Marna and Jan’s baby girl. During her visit she said it was obvious that an election was around the corner as South Africans are currently bombarded by political parties with banners, posters, billboards and even text messages. So, we get that you are probably already sick and tired to hear about the upcoming election (pretty much how we feel about Brexit right now), so we promise to keep this post short.


Today we voted! No, not all South Africans, just the ones living abroad. The first South African Embassy opened in New Zealand (Wellington) around 07:00 (GMT+12) this morning and the last South African Expat will cast their vote tonight in the United States (Los Angeles) at about 23:00 (GMT-7). All ballots will be sealed in diplomatic envelopes and sent to the National Office of the Electoral Commission in South Africa.

There are 29,334 approved South African voters abroad that will cast their ballots today and it comes as no surprise that London took first place (by far) as the city with the highest number of approved voters. The top 7 cities are:

  1. London, United Kingdom (9 084)
  2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (1 542)
  3. The Hague, Netherlands (1 355)
  4. Canberra, Australia (1 195)
  5. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (1 061)
  6. Wellington, New Zealand (927)
  7. Dublin, Republic of Ireland (817)

Elaine and I visited the South African High Commission in London at 18:00 (BST / GMT+1) this evening to cast our vote. Our voting process is a bit simpler as expats only vote for national candidates. However, it does include a two-step registration process to ensure that you are still a South African citizen at the time of casting your vote.

I have previously shared our terrible experience at the SA High Commission in London but would like to commend them today for a fast and efficient voting experience. It took us just 10 minutes to check-in, vote and check-out. Well done to the staff and all the volunteers, today you made us proud!

Okay South Africa, we did our part. Over to you, we trust you’ll do yours.


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