Even though we live in the digital age where you can access information with just a tap on a touch screen, there’s still something about printed media that you can’t replicate online. Whether you enjoy travelling the world through the eyes of National Geographic, learn how to lose weight in Men’s/Woman’s Health, or trying to figure out what the world’s most powerful leaders are up to in Time, we all have that one magazine we consult for inspiration.

When it comes to the UK’s commercial interior market for design and architecture, MIX Interiors Magazine is the leading publication where professionals in the industry can enjoy a number of detailed case studies, professional profiles, major spotlight features, exhibition coverage and a host of other regular features. But last month, Elaine didn’t just pick up her monthly copy, she also featured in the magazine.

In February, MIX Interiors Magazine hosted an evening event in central London to facilitate a roundtable discussion on ‘Designing for Mental Health’. As mentioned in their article, a great deal of work has already been done on the physical wellbeing of people in the workplace but how do you design for the mind? Why is emotional wellbeing so important in the workplace and what do the architect and designer really need to understand before work begins? To get to the bottom of these questions, MIX Interiors Magazine decided to put together a panel of industry experts (which included Elaine) to share their expertise on the topic.

Even though the evening allowed them to only just scratch the surface, the design industry’s leading lights are now setting a great example by starting to understand not just the ‘conditions’ of people, but the people themselves. Small changes can make a huge difference to an awful lot of people.





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