Celebrating Christmas in the Arctic is a magical experience! It’s cold, we’re all snowed in and everyone has their Christmas lights up. And, if you look far enough, you’ll actually find Reindeer wondering around the Fjords, so basically, it feels like we’re living on the cover page of a Christmas card.

We started our day at 11:00 as we only had about 3 hours of daylight during the Polar Night. Elaine, Nico and I wandered around in the snow whilst Cinthya and Lauren decided to build a snowman. The world around us was breathtakingly beautiful due to all the snow that’s fallen overnight, so we spent some time outside to enjoy the moment. And yes, there were snowballs flying around too.

At 14:30 it was dark again so we did some prep work for our big Christmas dinner and then we were off to the beautiful Arctic Cathedral to attend one of their Christmas services. The Cathedral is famous for its modern concrete design and its unique roof lighting can be seen from most parts around town. The service was conducted in Norwegian (obviously), so we didn’t understand much of the sermon itself, but the songs and the melodies were familiar.

After the service, we drove to back our cabin where we shared a wonderful Christmas dinner (Gammon with baked potatoes and vegetables) with our close friends. With good wine, good company and our favourite Christmas songs playing on the Bose, the evening was truly magical.

Our Christmas dinner

We ended the day with our annual Christmas tradition of watching Home Alone on iTunes and then we had some nightcaps before bed.

From all of us up here in the Arctic, Merry Christmas!

Good night.