A few years ago, Elaine and I stumbled upon Mariah Carey’s Christmas albums on Apple Music and immediately loved it. We started watching some of her clips on YouTube and was fascinated to see how she (and her music producer) can re-work the same Christmas carols from one show to the next and still ‘wow’ the audience. Weirdly enough, we’re not really interested in any of her original songs but for obvious reasons we just love her Christmas productions. Then, earlier this year, it was announced that Mariah Carey added London to the list for her ‘All I Want For Christmas’ tour and we couldn’t resist.

Tonight we finally had the opportunity to catch one of her live Christmas shows. The O2 was packed to capacity and at 20:30 the lights went off, the crowd started to cheer and then the massive red stage curtain dropped to floor. Surrounded by peaks of snow, presents and a massive Christmas tree was Mariah and her band. The crowd erupted into cheer, but standing out above the noise was Mariah’s crystal clear voice as she opened the concert with ‘Hark! The Herald Angel Sing’.

As a Christmas concert we enjoyed many energetic moments as Mariah, her band and the choir performed Joy to the World, Oh Santa and All I want for Christmas whilst we also had some slower moments during the performance as we listened to Silent Night and O Holy Night. Mariah was live on stage just a few meters away from us, enjoying herself, giving it her all and delivering her songs in her favourite whistle register. She nailed it!

I believe it’s safe to say, if fans did not feel particularly festive beforehand, the most definitely were when they left!