I must admit, waking up yesterday morning, taking the train to King’s Cross St Pancras, checking out the car from Europcar and heading west on the M4 highway was a massive Déjà vu moment for us. Sounds familiar to you too? Good, because for those of you that’s following our blog will recall we’ve done this trip before. Two years ago. The difference this year, however, is that instead of just 4 people making the trip, we were 13 people heading out to Cardiff to back the Boks in their final test of the Autumn Internationals Tour at Principality Stadium (the old Millennium Stadium).

I must also admit that even though the rugby was the “main event” for the weekend, in reality, it was 95% about the social and probably only 5% about the rugby because let’s face it, we all knew (on some level) that the Boks will mess it up again in their own unique way. And they did.

What turned out to be a truly terrible Bok performance was actually a pretty amazing weekend – we made new friends, got to catch-up with old friends, hung out till late last night and picked up where we left off this next morning. A fantastic weekend with fantastic people!

I’m starting to think the ONLY reason to support the Boks in Cardiff is to experience the atmosphere when the Welsh starts to sing.

Or maybe our group should just go wine tasting instead.

Good night,