It’s Wednesday night at 19:00. The phone is off the hook and the entire family is parked in front of the TV. Suddenly, Mnet’s logo flashed across the screen and then it happened. It was the moment we’ve been waiting for the entire week. For the next 30 minutes the world stopped as we all watched the next episode of Friends.

That was one of my childhood memories growing up and I can still remember how we’d watch Friends over and over again during our schools holidays. Then, sadly, the show had to end in May of 2004 and I think I speak for most of us when I say that we were devastated. It was the end of an era (see what I did there?). We all thought it was over, but man, we couldn’t BE more wrong? (again, did you catch that?).

Today we attended the annual FriendsFest in London and I am happy to report that the show is alive and well. In fact, the final episode was aired more than 14 years ago and the show’s following is gaining more and more momentum with every FriendsFest as it tours around. FriendsFest is pretty much what the name says, a festival that celebrates all things Friends, hosted by Comedy Central. From photo booths, shops, a Central Perk coffee shop and an open air theatre with episodes on repeat, all the way to the actual sets of the 3 apartments and the original props – they have it all.

Our guided tour consisted of a visit to Monica’s apartment, Joey and Chandler’s apartment and the famous hallway between the two apartments. This year they also introduced Ross’ apartment, formerly belonging to Ugly Naked Guy. The guides are very knowledgeable and shared some of the ‘behind the scenes’ intel with us including the hidden secrets of the set’s design and some of the changes in the original storyline. For example, did you know that Emily (the British girl that Ross married) had a baby and wanted to raise her kid in the UK –  if she didn’t ask the writers to be written out of the show, Ross would have said the correct name at the alter (I can hear your brain exploding). Also, you know Phoebe’s famous ‘Gladys’ artwork? It’s insured for a whopping £20k. (let that sink in for a moment)

FriendsFest was truly the ultimate experience for the ultimate Friends fan. We loved every bit of the day!