When it comes to sport, my awesome wife really couldn’t care less about it. Whether it is the Springboks battling it out against the All Blacks, or the moment the entire world watches the FIFA World Cup Final, chances are good she doesn’t even know about it.

There is, however, one exception. Wimbledon. It’s the two weeks of the year when she’s pinned to the couch with her eyes locked on the telly. She surrounds herself with enough drinks and snacks to last the entire day because missing even a second of the action is not an option. It’s also the only time in our marriage that I actually fear my own safety as I know my life might end if I dare touch the remote. It’s an incredible sight to see, Elaine, in her natural habitat, applauding, jumping around with joy or yelling stuff out of pure frustration. And then, when Mr Federer plays, her passion and volume quadruples.

Today we had the privilege to attend the world’s oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in person, the Wimbledon Championships. Those familiar with Wimbledon would know that the ticket demand is absolutely insane with thousands of people camping out and queuing for days, trying to see some of the action. We were lucky enough to get tickets through the ballot application process and ended up at No.1 Court on the opening day of the 2018 tournament.

Enjoying the sun, sipping Pimms and watching stars like Milos Raonic, Liam Broady and Serena Williams play right in front of us felt completely unreal. The only downside of the day was knowing that Mr Federer was playing next door on Centre Court, but hey, you can’t have everything in life 🙂

It was a glorious day and I must admit, as far as live events go, Wimbledon seriously raised the bar today! It was, without a doubt, the best-organised event we’ve attended and we’d love to come back again in the future!

Some pics: