In April, I took yet another cross-Atlantic flight to the States to spend some time with the IA team in San Francisco.  I joined our client’s global design team for a leadership conference where the team leads, from each design region, came together. My colleague Rob and I represented the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). It was two full days of collaboration, brainstorming and challenging our own status quo. We also got to tour some of the client’s office space in the heart of San Francisco, reviewing details and helping them ensure global alignment on the design.

One benefit of my trip was that I got to meet several team members with whom I only had a digital relationship thus far. It was fantastic to meet them all in person and to pick the brains of other project architects on challenges and successes in their regions. As part of the networking around the conference, I also got to spend some with our founder and CEO of IA, the client’s Design Lead and their CFO.

While I was in San Francisco, I still managed to chair my London design team meetings, albeit digitally. I also managed to meet up with some of the external consultants that I work with on my projects here in London. The face-to-face time was really useful to resolve some of our more complex design details. Balancing two time zones at once is not an easy task and in essence, means never stopping.

It was a jam-packed business trip so I couldn’t do any sightseeing, but I loved returning to the now ‘almost familiar’ San Francisco. The bay is definitely a vibrant and exciting place to be, whether it is for work or pleasure.