This morning when left Toronto it was still dark, chilly and not a single soul in sight. The only thing you could hear was the roaring sound of our V8 engine as we cruised through the streets of the city. We made an early start on our road trip as we wanted to see the Niagara Falls first. We figured, if we can beat the crowds at the falls and leave early, we should also have a smoother 5-hour journey to Amherstburg.

We arrived at the US / Canadian border just after sunrise to get the perfect first view of the falls. For those of you not so familiar with Niagara, let’s talk a bit about the falls…

Unlike the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe that is sometimes described as “the single greatest water curtain in the world”, the Niagara Falls actually consists of three different waterfalls. The biggest and most famous one of them all is the Horseshoe Falls, situated on the border between the Canadian province Ontario and the American state of New York. The other two falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls, are both situated on the American side but visible from Canada. In my humble opinion, the view from the Canadian side is much better as they give visitors more flexibility to move around to see the falls from every angle. You can see the falls from the front, the side or even go to the dropping point, above and behind the falls. To our surprise, the Niagara Falls are not as big as we originally¬†imagined, coming in on a maximum height of just 51 metres (that is less than half the height of Vic Falls in Zim). Standing at the top of the falls, looking at the flow rate (an average of 2400 cubic metres per second) and hearing the deep thunder is truly mesmerising. The snow-covered areas around the falls made the scene even better but we weren’t quite geared for the refreshing -6’C . After about an hour at the falls, we were all frozen up and ready to get a nice warm Canadian breakfast before hitting the road, heading west to Amherstburg!

With our sunroof open, our music pumping and Elaine behind the wheel, we cruised down the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway for 5 hours all the way to Amherstburg. Funny thing, it felt like we were back in Britain as we passed the Queen Elizabeth highway, the Winston Churchill Boulevard, the city of London (yes there is a London in Canada too but it’s not quite the same), drove past towns called Stratford, Cambridge, Kent…and on and on it goes. At 2 pm, we arrived in Amherstburg and it was great to meet Paul and his wife. Paul went to school with Elaine and married an awesome Canadian girl who hosted us for the night. It was great to sit in North America, in the house of a Canadian and enjoy biltong and a beer.

The day came to an end after an awesome evening with Paul, his wife and their friends at a local beer brewery. We had great food, GREAT beer and even greater company! Tomorrow morning we head back to Toronto before flying back to London tomorrow night. The real London. Not the little one here in Canada ūüôā


It was a great day in the Great White North!

Good night.