It was another long day for us, but we are safely in Canada!

Our day started with an early morning commute through London’s peak time traffic, slowly making our way to Gatwick airport.  At around 12 o’clock, we were in the air heading west to the Great White North. It took us about 7 hours to cross the Atlantic and we touched down in Toronto at 15:00. Upon arriving at Pearson International, we took a shuttle bus a few miles north to collect our rental car, but our rental car was not quiet what we expected it to be.

You see, when we booked the trip to Toronto, we knew that we’d need a car to get around as the city’s public transport is not what we’re used to in the UK. In typical ‘Andre fashion’, I just booked the cheapest little rental car I could find online because wheels are wheels right? Wrong!

We were two people, with one suitcase, travelling around the province of Ontario for 5 days, so we didn’t need anything big or fancy. If you also keep in mind that the entire rental cost only £100 for 5 days, then you have to expect something small and basic. It turns out, the previvous client did not return our allocated car on time, so they gave us a free upgrade. Not just any upgrade, but a 2017 Dodge Charger.

We started our roaring V8 engine, opened our windows and cruised the streets of Toronto with our low pumping bass like we were some bad ass brothers from the hood (and I mean that in the awesome way – the way I can’t pull off even though I tried).

Yes we turned some heads. Yes we got some compliments from strangers at the gas station. Yes some people just checked us out in a weird way – but spending 5 minutes in this car made me regret every other car I’ve driven in my life. Life in a red Dodge is fun!

It’s gonna be a great trip!