Ladies and Gentlemen, the country that has brought you some of the world’s toughest Health and Safety laws, the place where every train reminds you to ‘Mind the Gap between the train and the platform’ and where carrying a knife on you in person could land you in jail, is proud to present a new sport – Axe Throwing!

Yip, it’s exactly what it sounds like, and we couldn’t believe it either.

Tonight, 12 of us went down to a small club in south London to check out this new phenomenon. On our way to the club, we made a quick pitstop for pizza and a few drinks. By the way, mixing alcohol and axes is a great idea and is totally recommended by almost every Health and Safety officer in the city. Okay no, it wasn’t that bad, we only had ONE beer or cocktail each.

The game is really simple, it’s exactly like playing darts. Ok no, it’s like playing darts but with axes. You have a board with targets/zones on them, if you hit the small circle in the middle it’s a bulls-eye and the highest score wins. With each round, the hosts taught us a new way to throw the axes which made it even more fun – over the arm and should, underarm, in reverse etc

After 6 rounds, Andre had the highest score and took the trophy home.
For anyone visiting London, this is a must!