We can’t believe it either, a blanket of snow is covering the capital at the moment and things are about to get worse! Over the last few days, Britain has experienced extremely odd weather, especially for March, and the media has dubbed it the “Beast from the East”.  So what it really happening over here?

Basically, the UK became a victim of the northern polar jet stream, which has twisted its direction unexpectedly, drawing in extremely cold air from the east.  This change of direction was caused by a jump in temperatures high over the Arctic, known in meteorologist circles as sudden stratospheric warming. In turn, this unexpected warming weakened the jet stream that brings warm air in from the Atlantic to Ireland and Britain, so cold air from thousands of miles away is dragged over to us, bringing a severe chill. The Met office has officially issued a “severe” weather warning, meaning there is actually a risk to life in some parts of the country and advised people to stay indoors. London has experienced more snow in 3 days than in the last 8 years combined.

Elaine and I are seeing this storm through a slightly different lens than the locals or the media. To us, London feels slightly magical covered in snow, kind of like Christmas in March, and gives us the perfect opportunity for a snowball fight!