Have you seen the last (2015) James Bond movie ‘Spectre’? Or the one with Pierce Brosnan, ‘The world is not enough’? Or pretty much any James Bond movie since 1962? If so, you’ll know that they regularly feature some kind of chase scene where James is skiing down a snow-covered mountain whilst the enemy is only a few metres behind on snowmobiles. James, armed with only his 9mm Short, always wins the fight even though the snowmobiles are armed with deadly missiles. Everything explodes, but no one dies. Today was exactly like that!

Okay, not exactly like that, but close.

Okay, okay, it was just snowmobiles without the missiles – but that was the ONLY difference.

At 11:00 this morning, we once again got ‘snow suited up’ – this time with extra balaclavas and a helmet. The guides then gave us a quick tutorial on how to drive the snowmobiles and then we were off. We enjoyed another 4 hours of driving through the wilderness in Lapland, crossing frozen rivers and lakes – this time at a much higher speed than with the huskies (obviously). Elaine, in typical Bond Girl fashion, LOVES her speed and I had to cling for dear life whilst trying to manage the video camera.  The snowmobile behind us then started shooting missiles at us and Elaine did a perfect 360-degree flip in the air, dodging each missile with millimetres. Okay, that last sentence was a lie.

Just after halfway, we started cruising up a mountain, and as we climbed higher, the temperatures dropped. At the top, we had a beautiful view of Lapland whilst enjoying a refreshing -25’C.

At 14:00, we were back at the resort and then moved into our glass igloo. I must admit, the igloo was yet another ‘is this really happening’ moment. With heated glass around the top, the igloo is cleverly designed to melt any snow that may cover the igloo, this ensures you always have a clear view of the night sky above whilst lying in your bed.

It was another mind-blowing day here in Finland, filled with fun and excitement. Tonight we hope to get some sleep as we stare at the Arctic skies.

Some photos: