Waking up in a log cabin in the Arctic, surrounded by a snow-covered forest is an amazing feeling! It’s the kind of scenery that your eyes see, but somehow your brain isn’t convinced it’s real. After a few minutes of walking around in the snow (grr grr grr), we grabbed a quick breakfast and then headed out for our first excursion – husky sledding!

Just a few miles down the road, is one of two big husky farms and upon arrival, we could hear the huskies barking in the distance. The first thing we did, however, was to get ‘Arctic suited up’ as our UK winter clothes are not nearly warm enough for a 4-hour excursion.  With a pair of proper snow boots, snow gloves and warm overalls, Elaine and I were ready to go. The crew gave us a quick tutorial on how to steer the sled and then we met our huskies. The dogs were extremely excited and very friendly, eagerly jumping around in the harnesses as if they were telling us “C’mon c’mon let’s go!”.

Minutes later, with Elaine sitting in the front, our 6-dog sled accelerated into the wilderness. Again, it felt unreal but it was so much fun! The national park’s scenery, in and around the Kakslauttanen resort, is just breathtakingly beautiful and can’t be compared to anything we’ve previously experienced. After 4 hours of husky fun, we stopped for lunch. The crew made a fire, heated up some berry juice and served fish and potato soup inside a cosy Tee-Pee tent.

Again, lunch in a Tee-Pee tent after husky sleddding in the Arctic, is this really happening?

At around 16:00, we were back at our cabin, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and staring out the window. The view is like staring into a fire, it’s somehow mesmerising and magical.

After dinner, we were on our way to a reindeer safari. Following the same process as this morning, we got our boots, gloves and overalls before heading out to meet our reindeer. We felt like little kids because we’ve never seen a reindeer in real-life before.  It’s an animal that only features in cheesy Christmas movies, but tonight we found ourselves under two warm blankets in the back of a sled with a reindeer leading the way – eagerly ‘hunting’ the night time Aurora. Cruising through the dark forest at night, you can only see some of the snow and trees whilst hearing the faint howl of the wolves. In the night sky above, behind thin clouds, we could once again see the green and pink glow of the Aurora, but unfortunately never had a clear view of it. Halfway through our safari, the crew stopped at another Tee-Pee tent, lit a fire to warm us up and served another round of warm berry juice.

Looking back at today’s excursions, the activities and scenery are so far from our reality or frame of reference. It’s really hard to describe the day in words. The conclusion, however, is that it’s without any doubt, one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen!