Looking back at the last few months, I must admit, it’s all one big blur – I started my new job in London, Elaine perfected the art of juggling multiple high-demanding projects all at once, we had 2 visitors staying with us in August and 2 couples staying with us between September and October, Elaine attended a summit in San Francisco, we travelled to Venice with the De Waal’e and to Edinburgh with the Van Rooyens, we celebrated our 4-year wedding anniversary and even managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Amsterdam.

But last month, on the 14th of October, we also celebrated our second UK anniversary and wow, what an incredible 2 years it’s been. As you know, we love to travel and thanks to the UK we’ve been able to see 14 countries across 4 continents over the last 24 months. In the next few months leading up to March 2018, we will head back to Paris to support the Springboks, enjoy a beach holiday in Mexico, travel up to the Arctic in Finland where we hope to see the Northern Lights in temperatures as low as -40’C, and spend a few days in Canada.

However next year, apart from Finland and Canada, we don’t plan to travel much because 2018 will go down as ‘the year of the deposit’. That’s right, if all goes according to plan, Elaine and I will get onto the property ladder at the end of next year, buying our first property ever. The UK banks require a 5% deposit to secure a morgage (homeloan) and since we’re planning to buy in or around London, we’ll need to aggressively throw all our extra pennies into our piggy bank for a year – but more on that later.

Over the last 24 months, we’ve been blessed above and beyond – seeing so many beautiful places and meeting new people from all over the world. In our daily lives we continue to see God’s hand and may we never forget to give all praise and thanks to Him!

Cheers to an amazing 2 years!