Yesterday morning, we said goodbye to Nico and Anneleen as they head home after a two-week holiday in the UK and Europe. But this morning, at around 07:00, another strong wave of awesomeness was felt throughout England, Scotland and Wales, as yet another A380 entered British air space with two super awesome people on board – Jan and Marna!!

We can confirm that flight EK11 touched down safely at London’s Gatwick airport and that we are on our way to pick them up with a Zipcar. The Van Rooyens will spend two weeks in the northern hemisphere – exploring London, Edinburgh and Dublin. This afternoon, we will visit the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace and then head over to the Dominion for Hillsong’s 18:30 service.

We are SUPER excited to host them and we look forward to next two weeks.

Jan and Marna, welcome to the UK!