It was great to spend some time with Nico and Anneleen this weekend, showing them our new home and parts of the city they haven’t yet seen before. So let’s back up a bit….

Nico and Anneleen arrived on Thursday morning and spent their afternoon on one of London’s Hop-on / Hop-off buses. Even though they’ve been travelling for 36 hours straight, they still managed to meet us after work for a drink at the pub for an initial catch up. On Friday, they did some more sightseeing in the city, explored Camden Town and its surrounding areas and even managed to get lost on the underground train network. Luckily they made it home for dinner – steak and chips!

On Saturday morning, the four of us were let loose in the city and we were off to an early start. Our first stop was one of London’s quirkiest coffee shops, known for its weird name – “Fuckoffee”. We then made our way to the London Eye to board our Duck Tour trip, the same excursion we did with Mia last year. The London Duck Tour Operator uses rebuilt military vessels from World War II to drive tourists around the city before splashing into the Thames for a river cruise, it’s probably the coolest way to see the city!

Next up was the London Film Museum to see the James Bond exhibit where you can currently see over 100 original vehicles and artefacts, spanning over all 24 James Bond films. The highlight was to see our favourite Bond car, the 1964 Aston Martin DB5, originally used in Goldfinger and re-introduced in Skyfall.

As Elaine and I made our way home, Nico and Anneleen made one final stop for the day at the Royal Air Force Museum before we had a traditional British dinner – Bangers and Mash.

On Sunday morning, they went to pick up the camper van for their European road trip and we spent the afternoon hanging out at the London Designer Outlet. After lunch, we had a last coffee at home before sending them off to France and we look forward to seeing them again on Friday as we meet up in Venice.

Some pics of the weekend: