Back in 2015, when we announced that we’re moving abroad, people repeatedly told us that they’ll come and visit us. To be honest, we took it with a pitch of salt as most trips abroad are very expensive, but only 2 months after arriving in the UK, our first visitors knocked on our door.

Over the last two years we’ve been blessed with visits from many awesome people such as Nico, Thandiela, Mia, Lauren, Mareet and Abe – some of them for a second or third time. Then there are those who came to see us whilst passing through London on business – including Izak, Pieter and Elmarie. Our good friend Nico Strydom is currently in Germany and will pop over the Channel next week for a visit and Jennifer, who we haven’t seen in ages, will also be in town later this month.

Even though it’s great to see so many familiar faces, we’d like to highlight 3 family trips that we are particularly excited about:

  1. Nico and Anneleen (literally on a plane as I type this), arriving in London tomorrow morning. They plan to explore London till Sunday and then road trip through Europe for 10 days. Elaine and I will meet them in Venice next weekend before they drive back to London.
  2. Jan and Marna, arriving later this month, will visit us for 2 weeks. As first time visitors to the UK, we’re excited to show them London and Edinburgh before they jet off to Dublin.
  3. Lastly, confirmed just this morning, Andries and Hester. Arriving in the summer next year and will stay with us for 3 weeks. They are also first time visitors to the UK  and we plan to show them as much of Britain as possible.

For now, that’s everyone I know about, but based on the last 24 months, I’m sure we’ll add even more people to our guest list.

From London with love.