ADULT CONTENT: This post contains adult content. Please return to the previous page if you are under the age of 18.

Tonight we visited the Red Light District, an area in Amsterdam known by the locals as the Rosse Buurt or De Walletjies. I think it’s safe to say that everything you’ve heard about the Red Light District is probably true and that most South Africans, especially those from the Afrikaans community, will be shocked to their core when they visit this area.

The Red Light District is a large area in Amsterdam that consists of a network of alleys containing about 300 one-room cabins rented by prostitutes who offer their sexual services from behind a window or glass door. Believe me when I say these girls are beautiful and will advertise themselves in lingerie or other erotic clothing under Red illuminated lights. You can walk up to her and negotiate a price for a single act or an hourly rate. If both (or more) parties are happy with the deal, you’ll be invited in and the door and curtains will close. When the deal is done, the girl returns to the window for her next customer. But the crazy doesn’t stop there.

If prostitution is not your thing, you can also choose to watch a show, not just any show, a live sex show (yes you read that right). As in London, where you can buy a ticket to watch a West End musical, Amsterdam’s theatre will offer you a completely different live performance with different musical tunes. Crazy as it may sound, these shows include male/female acts, female solo acts and female/female acts. Multiple acts run between 7pm-3am, costing about half the price of a West End show. But the crazy doesn’t stop there.

If hot girls in windows or live actors on stage isn’t your thing, maybe a peep show will strike your fancy. This is a weird one – like the live acts in the theatre, you can select a quick peep from different genres. Titles include “couples”, “threesomes”, “submission and domination” etc. Depending on your choice, you’ll enter a specific booth and insert 2 Euros into the slot. Your booth’s curtain will then open and you can view the act for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, the curtain closes and you can choose to view more of the same act, or select a different show with different theme. But the crazy doesn’t stop there.

If prostitutes, live actors or peep shows is not your thing, you can choose from a wide variety of strip clubs. However, strip clubs offer nothing more than topless girls and lap dances, so in a city like this one, strip clubs are not very busy and often seen as boring. But the crazy doesn’t stop there.

If prostitutes, live actors, peep shows or strippers isn’t your thing, you can browse through their adult shops. Now, just to point out, before the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” was released, these shops were only selling battery operated toys or low-quality outfits to spice up life in the bedroom, but nowadays the wide range and quality of gear is impeccable. Mr Grey most certainly opened their eyes to a whole new world and it seems like business is booming! But the crazy doesn’t stop there.

Lastly, if prostitutes, live actors, peep shows, strippers and adult toys aren’t your thing, there is one last option. Drugs. Mostly Cannabis, but we’ve seen other things too. If you visit a coffee shop in the Red Light District, you can simply order your marijuana from the menu together with your Espresso. If you feel like you need something stronger, some shops in and around the district will be able to sort you out for just a few Euros.

The Netherlands is the 16th country we visited together and I can honestly say this – the Red Light District tops the list of ‘wildest places to visit’ and it’s an experience we’ll never forget.