It’s a weird thing really, I get on a plane and move 11 hours north, thinking for just a moment that I am finally free from Nico, and within 2 months of arriving in the UK, Nico hands me yet another cup of coffee during his first visit to London. About three weeks later, Nico and his (then) girlfriend finally flies home. For a brief moment my soul find its inner peace, and before I can blink twice, BAM!, here he is again, showing up at my doorstep in Wembley.

Okay, not really as quickly as “BAM!” but you get the point that I’m trying to make.

The thing is back in the UK. When I say “thing” I actually mean the hair growing on his sweet little face. He calls it a “beard” but I believe its name is debatable. Even though I let him walk through my door, I can’t help but wonder how the UK border agent actually allowed him to enter the country looking like that. Shouldn’t something like that be on the ‘no-fly’ list??

Anyway, we had a blast! Mareet arrived on Saturday and took Elaine for gin tasting at the Bombay Sapphire Distillery. Nico, and the thing on his face, showed up on Sunday and we took them to experience Hillsong at the Dominion. Based on their feedback, I’m happy to report they both loved it!

It was absolutely great to have them here with us, catching-up over a few beers and cocktails. If I judge Mareet’s experience by her shopping bags, it sure looks like she had a great time and I’m confident she’ll be back soon.

Nico will probably be back in September and November this year. I’m starting to believe that Nico have acquired a set of skills over a very long career. Skills that makes him a nightmare for people like me. If you let him into your house, he will stay, but if you don’t and you move abroad, he will look for you, he will find you… and he will show up at your house and sleep on your couch.

There’s no breaking free.
Till we meet again…