I’m starting to see a pattern here, first a helicopter trip over Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, then a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and today, well, you guessed it! This one was not pre-planned like the others, in fact, we did not even know about helicopter tours in New York until we saw two of them flying over the Brooklyn Bridge and landing about 400m from where we were standing.

There are many ways to explore the Big Apple, some people go to the viewing decks of the Rock, the Empire State or the World Trade Centre. Others choose to take a boat up the Hudson or do the hop-on / hop-off bus tours, but we decided to take a helicopter trip over the city and wow – what an incredible experience.

We took off from a helipad close to the Brooklyn Bridge, flew over Governors Island and then over the French Madame – the Statue of Liberty. We circled Liberty island twice before heading up the Hudson all the way to Central Park.

The pilot was very friendly and chatty as he pointed out all the famous landmarks in the city, including Madison Square Garden which is not squared at all but in fact a big round building. He also pointed out that the new World Trade Centre was built exactly 1776 feet high to symbolise the year 1776 – the year the Declaration of Independence was signed. The pilot then showed us the spot where the Airbus A320 crash landed on the Hudson river back in 2009, an accident that is today described by some people as “the Hudson miracle” or “the most successful ditching in aviation history”. It was a so much fun to fly over the city and get a bird’s view of Manhattan.

Here are some photos, video to follow: