In September last year, we started raising funds for IJM (International Justice Mission). The deal was simple, help us raise the target amount and we will jump out of a plane in Norwich. Well, you guys kept your part of the deal, so today we had to keep ours. At 6:00 am this morning, Lizelle, Azeelia, Elaine and I left Colchester to make our way to the airfield. Shortly after 08:00 am, we did the registration, got our briefing, did the pre-jump training and then geared up for the jump.

The ‘ride to the top’ takes about 15-minute and at 13,000 feet the door opens and things suddenly become very noisy as the wind rushes in. Unlike a commercial airliner, the cabin isn’t pressurised so it is still easy to breathe and no one gets sucked out when the door opens. During the flight, my instructor briefed me through each step of the jump, telling me what to expect and making sure I’m comfortable to proceed. Firmly attached to the instructor, we made our way to the edge of the plane and seconds later, it’s all systems go!

The first few seconds are impossible to describe as it’s nothing like a funfair ride. There is no pressure on you at all as you are in complete free-fall, your speed increasing to around 120mph (192km/h). After overcoming the initial rush,  you get the chance to really experience skydiving, you can stick your arms out, shout and simply enjoy the view. After about 30-40 seconds, the instructor deploys the parachute and all of a sudden everything goes quiet. The noise of the wind disappears and the world seems so peaceful.  We had about 6 minutes of gliding back to earth and my instructor talked me through the landing. Moments later, we were back on the ground and your mind and body still disagree on what just happened. It simply was incredible and a rush like no other! Would I do it again? Absolutely!