Situated on the south coast of France is Nice (pronounced: Niece), a city that is known for its pleasant climate, prime location, and soft light. Nice was founded by the Greeks in 350 BC and is now the second most visited city in France (after Paris off course).

Nice has only been part of France since 1860, when Italy reluctantly gave her up to repay France for helping defend itself from the Austrians. This mixed heritage gives Nice its great mix of French and Italian as seen in its architecture, cuisine and lifestyle. It’s weird to think that this amazing French city, should actually have been in Italy.

Today we spent some time exploring the Promenade des Anglais, the city’s main seaside walkway. Promenade des Anglais means “Walkway of the English” and owes its name to all the upper-class families from England who spent their winters here back in the 18th Century. Compared to Paris (where we were last year), Nice offers a completely different vibe and makes you believe you’re on holiday. We were also surprised to find how many locals can actually speak English and how much friendlier they are on the coast than in the capital.

Tonight we head back to London, but this French jewel will see us again soon!