Elaine and I made it to the spectacular city of San Francisco.

Today we explored the northern side of the city that is well known for its hip neighbourhoods, elegant buildings, beautiful parks and gardens and has a totally chilled atmosphere, with lots to do and see. The wide streets still feature a classic tram transportation system and no one in this city seems to be in a rush. In fact, it feels like everyone’s on holiday. Believe it or not, but we also spent some time in San Francisco’s China Town, one of the biggest Chinese communities in the US, browsing through some pretty weird stuff from the east.

For lunch, we decided to buy snacks from the local supermarket and enjoyed a picnic in Golden Gate Park. The park is over three miles long (east to west), and about half a mile wide (north to south) making it 20% bigger than Central Park in New York. The park is also fitted with outdoor gym equipment and man-made lakes where fishermen can practice their casting skills. Golden Gate Park is the fifth most visited city park in the US with around 13 million visitors every year.

Late afternoon we enjoyed the sunset from Baker Beach with fantastic views of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Baker Beach is also a popular beach for sun worshipers who feels like tanning in their birthday suits…let’s leave it at that 🙂

Fisherman’s Wharf is located on the bay, just a short stroll from Pier 39  and a fantastic option for dinner. It has great little restaurants, street performers and a great atmosphere.

So far we really enjoy San Francisco, it’s  a completely different experience to Vegas.