It feels unreal, to be honest – sitting on the beach in Brazil, on a Sunday morning, drinks in hand and listening to the roar of the ocean – definitely not our normal Sunday morning!

In Brazil, the law states that no one can privatise a beach and therefore anyone can use the beach for their leisure. However, our resort is completely surrounded by Amazon-like forest so no one other than the hotel guests could access the beach. On this particular Sunday, it seemed like everyone else at the hotel would rather spend time around the pool and at the bar than enjoy the sea and the sand, so the two of us were literally the only two people on a massive beach. It. Was. Great!

So what happens next?

On Tuesday we will go sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro with our own personal guide. The trip will including the Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Sugarloaf Mountain and, of course, Christ the Redeemer.

It’s been a great day and we will enjoy sundowners on the beach!

Check back on Tuesday.