It’s 07:00, the church bells are ringing throughout Sacro Monte telling us to wake up. It still feels unreal – the cobble stone streets, the colourful houses, the incredible views and hearing Italian everywhere. We love it!

For lunch we headed in to town and enjoyed a proper Italian pizza. Spoiler alert, pizza in the UK and South Africa is very different from the pizza you get in Italy. Yes, it looks the same all over the world but the base and ingredients are very different. Hate to admit it, but should someone ask me which pizza is ‘better’, the Italians won’t like my answer 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, it’s a must-do when in Italy, but personally we like the juicy, tomato base pizzas more.

After lunch we took a quick detour to Varese Lake, spent some time enjoying the sun and then headed back to the airport. It’s been a fantastic weekend in Sacro Monte and we are already planning our next trip.

A special thanks to our friend Ilse who showed us around and Germari for hosting and spoiling us this weekend.