We’ve been in London for over 9 months now and only gone sightseeing once, shocking isn’t it?

Work has been keeping us so busy that we sometimes forget that we’re actually living in one of the most exciting cities in the world, so we decided to take the afternoon off and have a bit of fun.

At 13:00 we enjoyed lunch together and then hopped onto the London Eye. The structure is 135m high and the wheel has a diameter of 120m. The view at the top is really amazing as you get a 360 degree view over the city.





After our 30 minutes ride on the Eye, we jumped onto a river boat that took us all around the city, showing us the attractions along the Thames. From seeing the Shakespeare Globe, the 306 year old St Paul’s Cathedral, the national theatre and many more, the true highlight of the cruise was Tower Bridge.



After our cruise on the Thames, we strolled across the Westminster Bridge to also visit 10 Downing Street, the residence of the British Prime Minister. Funny enough, Mrs May didn’t expect us for tea, so the guards didn’t let us in.




Our last stop for the day was Buckingham Palace and Green Park. Green Park is one of our favourite parks as it is one of the Royal Parks of London and covers over 19 hectares.


It’s been a great afternoon, enjoying a bit of British summer and time together with the awesome wife.

We think we’ll do this again soon.