What an absolutely crazy day this was. Let’s start from the beginning, because according to Maria, it’s a very good place to start.

We woke up at 04:25 and travelled by car from Colchester to Stansted airport. Unlucky for us, our flight was delayed for more than an hour. We took off at 09:30 and arrived in the Irish capital at 10:30. Our first stop would have been the Guinness Storehouse, but the entry clearance officer at Irish border control advised us NOT to visit Guinness as it is St Patrick’s day today, so we decided to take the bus in to town for the St Patrick’s parade and wow, what a parade it was!

According to the Irish Times (the local newspaper), more than 500 000 people were expected to attend the St Patrick’s day celebrations in Dublin alone. Obviously we can’t confirm the exact number, but I am more than confident that about a half a million people showed up. It was a sea of Green and the St Patrick’s parade lasted for about 3 hours long. After the parade, at 15:00, the pubs opened and it was a massive party that continued till early the next morning.

When you visit Dublin on St Paddy’s, the biggest challenge you’ll have is to find a pub that is big enough for you to join the celebrations. On average, about 10 million glasses of Guinness are consumed every day (yes you read that right), I think on St Patrick’s day that amount may double or even triple and Dublin might claim full responsibility for it all:)

It was a massive party till early the next morning and a bucket-list item well ticked.

Now to get some sleep as tomorrow we have another busy day ahead.

Some of the pics: