For the first time since moving in to our own flat in London we had a weekend to ourselves. It was time to start looking for a church and decided to visit Hillsong Church in London.

Hillsong is very well known for the massive contribution they’ve made to gospel music around the world. The church started in Australia back in 1983 but quickly expanded to a multi-site church with campuses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, The Gold Coast and Noosa. In the late 1990’s Hillsong expanded to Europe and North America. Today we had the opportunity to attend one of 4 services at one of 6 locations just in London. We attended the 11am service in the Dominion Theatre.

The experience was amazing! The worship band was a 15-piece outfit with probably the best female vocalist and drummer I’ve ever heard. Not only did we experience the level of professional music production that is Hillsong, but also had a glimpse of what we think worship in Heaven will be like one day.

We sang a song called “Oh praise the name of the Lord our God(click here for the link) and at a specific part of the song (similar to part 3:50min of the Youtube link) the band continued playing but the lead singer stopped singing. It was then when we experienced over 2000 people singing the chorus at top volume that touched my heart to its deepest core. It was the moment when I realised that THIS is what Heaven is going to be like! The pastor/reverent (not sure what they call him) delivered a beautiful message and testimony about God’s calling and plan for your life and we left the church feeling energised and fueled for the week.

On Wednesday night we will attend the new comers function called “New to church Party” and we look forward to meeting new people and to get involved.

Some snapshots:






Much love