It’s 2016, and we hope that you are as excited about the new year as we are!!

First, let’s start with last night’s events. Our mission was to meet up with Elaine after work, get ‘n pub dinner and then head out to Primrose Hill to watch the London fireworks. Some of you would know that nobody does New Year’s fireworks better than London. Unfortunately we bumped in to some train issues (unexpected line and station closures) and couldn’t make it to Primrose Hill.

The fireworks also became so popular that the government had to change the whole system around the city to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of people streaming in to central London to watch the event. For crowd control purposes you now have to buy additional tickets (which already sold-out in Sept) that allows you to travel to central stations like Westminster to get the best views. If you still haven’t seen this year’s show, here it is:


Secondly, I am super proud of my awesome wife who cleared her first Sterling salary yesterday! Yea! Can’t believe she’s already been working for a month and a half in a super world-class city like this one – so so proud of her!

I am also very excited to start my new job on the 11th of January. I have received my induction schedule from my new boss and seems like the first 4-5 weeks is going to be hectic, but bring it on!!

We wish you all the best for this year! Let’s make it a big one!