Wow, what an awesome experience to watch a Rugby World Cup game live. A semi-final. At Twickenham. Springboks vs the All Blacks. Can it get any cooler than that? We can honestly say it was the best live game experience we’ve had so far!

We took the train from Colchester to Stratford, then hopped onto the Jubilee line to Waterloo. Waterloo is a massive station on the South-Western side of London that connects the tube with overland trains. Upon arrival at Waterloo station the vibe changed. There were rugby fans in supporters gear EVERYWHERE. Green and Black took over the whole station. If you stand on the platform you can hear the Afrikaans people around you, all eagerly waiting for the train to Twickenham.

We arrived at the stadium at about 14:30 and the vibe was incredible. What fascinated me was to see the Springboks and All Blacks supporters hanging out together, drinking beers and joking around with each other. In my experience (including last year’s test at Ellis Park) the supporters of these two teams won’t mix at all. In fact, I’ve seen two guys fighting and throwing punches at each other before the game even started and security had to remove them from the stadium. This was a whole new experience, seeing all the fans having a great time before, during and after the match.

When the teams ran out onto the field we got to experience 82 000 fans going nuts! It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe.



I tried capturing the vibe on my phone with the videos below. I recommend headphones for the sound:

Video: Springboks and All Blacks running out for the RWC 2015 semi-final:

Video: South African National Anthem at Twickenham: