I’m sitting at Johannesburg’s airport waiting to board my flight to Heathrow. Even though I’m very excited to see London again, it kind of sucks that Elaine is not making this trip with me but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do right? So why the trip?

Well, the main reason for the trip is to attend a second (and final) stage interview with the bank’s Global Head Office in Canary Wharf. The interview is a 3-hour session that will consist of a formal interview with two directors and a session with their team that I need to facilitate (so no pressure). The second reason for the trip is to attend two project meetings with the UK office – projects that we are currently running from within SA.

Since I am going for a week, I’ll also take care of other admin like opening bank accounts and registering with the office for Work and Pensions to get my National Insurance Number. This will make our move in October go a bit smoother and hopefully pave the way for Elaine to simply hit the ground running on arrival.

Ok, wish me luck!