It’s the last day and we are sad to go home because Zimbabwe was truly amazing. Because we only had to check-out at 11am, Andre decided to do one last activity – Cage Diving with Crocodiles. The hotel shuttle gave us a free ride into town and at 09:20 Andre was lowered into the water in a steel cage, surrounded by crocodiles. Bongwe, the crocodile in the photos, is the bully, she knew that we were about feed them and wanted all the beef snacks we gave them.

The crocodiles are about 20-37 years old, weighs around 250 kg and were all Nile Crocodiles, the biggest crocodiles in Africa (second biggest in the world after Australia’s salt water crocodiles).

Video of the cage dive to follow 🙂

At 10:30 we arrived back at the hotel and will now enjoy lunch. Our airport shuttle will pick us up at 14:00 and then we will take Fly Africa (Zimbabwe’s low cost airline) at 16:00 to Johannesburg.

We love Victoria Falls and can strongly recommend the trip for everyone!

Andre croc diving