Today was amazing!! Seriously, one of the best days ever!!

We woke up and it was cloudy, the kind of clouds that makes you seriously doubt that you will be able to fly over the Vic Falls, or as the locals describe it “the smoke that thunders”. But during breakfast we heard the first flight go out. At 10:00 they picked us up and at 10:30 we were in the air. The sun came out and we had a SPECTACULAR view of the falls. From the air you can grasp the falls in all its glory. It was Amazing!! Elaine was lucky enough to win the co-pilot seat.

After landing, we headed down to the Zambezi gorge for a canopy tour. Even though I have done canopy tours in South Africa, I must admit that the Vic Falls win first prize for the view.

To end the day, we had a sunset cruise with the Shearwater Adventures operator.

Tomorrow morning at 09:00, Andre is doing a quick crocodile cage dive and then we will make our way back to the airport.

Good night 🙂











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