Just after 11:00 this morning we left Johannesburg behind and touched down in Northern Zimbabwe shortly after 13:00. It is our first trip to Zimbabwe and we can’t wait to see one of the continent’s most precious jewels – the Victoria Falls. When you arrive at Vic Falls Airport, it’s unlike any other airport for a few reasons:

  1. The runway is pretty much the biggest part of the airport. The terminal building is so small that when you arrive, you’ll stand outside on the tarmac to go through border control.
  2. Border control only has two service counters – one for locals and one for international arrivals (so patience is key)
  3. Once through the border, you’ll find your luggage on the hallway floor. There are no conveyor belts whatsoever, luggage is simply taken off the plane, loaded onto a trolly and then offloaded somewhere in the arrivals hall, so it takes some time to climb over everyone’s luggage to find your own suitcase. Really not making this up.
  4. The airport itself has no fence. This means animals can actually walk around on the runway and cause airport delays. You can also walk directly from the parking area to the plane without having to go through any of the airport security or check – it’s unreal!

On our way to our hotel, we were caught in an African traffic jam when elephants blocked the road (see below) and around 16:00 we were on a riverboat on the might Zambezi river, enjoying a sunset cruise with wine and a few cocktails..

Tomorrow we will do a tour of the falls and if we are really lucky, perhaps a helicopter flip over the falls

Stay Tuned 🙂