So I can’t speak for the rest of the group, but today was one of the highlights! At 08:45, Bastiaan and I checked-in at the Seaman Diving Centre for our deep sea dive. We got our briefing, got our gear, got on the boat and headed out to an old Japenese Fishing Boat that sank in 1987.

Details about the dive:
Our first dive of the day was a wreck dive. The second dive was a reef dive. First dive we had a maximum depth of 28 meters with a water temperature of 25’C. The wreck was very cool and we saw a sea snake (unfortunately not on the video) and some beautiful other sea  creatures. Bottom time was around 35mins and we did our safety stop at 5 meters (from the surface) for 3 minutes.

Second dive was a reef dive. Even though there isn’t much reef left here, we did get the chance to watch dive master play with an Eal 🙂

The rest of the group took a taxi to Port Louis and then visited the botanical gardens. After lunch we did the same as the day before….jumped in the pool and couldn’t care less about the rest of the world.

Tonight we didn’t eat at the hotel, but headed out to a local restaurant to have some seafood.