At 08:45 this morning we took a taxi to the East coast and then a speedboat to Ile Aux, a small little island known for its beautiful scenery. After dropping the other passengers at Ile Aux, the boat driver took us to the platform (in the middle of the sea) to do the parasailing. The acceleration from the platform to the top is quite hectic, but once you reach the top, it is beautiful!! The water colour, the mountains, the view of the golf course…just spectacular.

After parasailing our boat driver brought us back to Ile Aux to chill for a while. At 13:00, we all jumped on a pirate ship….yes, pirates ship (Arrrr) for lunch and the pirates took us to a small waterfall surrounded by volcanic rock.

Back on the pirate boat, we enjoyed some island entrainment – dancing, drumming and singing.

We arrived back at our hotel at about 17:30, had some champagne and a lovely dinner. Tomorrow we will try to arrange our dive trips.

Video to follow soon 🙂

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