From the moment we arrived on the island, Elaine nagged me about drinking cocktails out of coconuts. Even though we were on a tropical island with coconuts all around, it was surprisingly hard to find a local pub or restaurant that served it this way.

This morning, the hotel did some “tree maintenance” and removed all the coconuts from their coconut trees on the beach (Cocos nucifera – member of the palm family). Elaine was super excited when one of the guys brought her a fresh coconut with a straw. With all the built up excitement she took a big sip from the straw and then started to frown. Let’s just say that a cocktail, or any other drink for that matter, would have been better than the coconut juice 🙂

This afternoon we made a final shopping run to pick up a few gifts and souvenirs and went back to the beach to enjoy the last sunset. We fell in love with the island over the last few days, and if we are lucky enough, we will return again in the future.