Today was awesome!

After having breakfast we chilled out on the beach and relaxed in the sun. While minding our own business, one of the locals approached us and asked us if we would be interested to ski or take a ride on what Elaine now calls “the Death Cruiser” (a tube).

The Death Cruiser looked like fun so we geared up and got on. The locals don’t (necessarily) speak English well (French being the local language) so we actually got on to a tube behind a boat with a French guy that loves to show us what his speed boat can do. It was fast. It was brutal. It was awesome! Holding on for our dear lives, we experience the rough waters of the Indian ocean but loved every moment of it. (see video later this week)

Back at the beach. Again just chilling in the sun when an old Yellow boat came cruising through the bay with big red letters on the side that read “Parasailing”. I didn’t even have to tell Elaine anything, she just knew. The two locals on the Yellow boat took us out deeper into the bay and sent each one of us up with the parachute. It was beautiful to see the entire bay, the crystal clear blue / green water and palm trees. This place is heaven!

This afternoon we decided to go for our couples massage at the spa. 75 Minutes. Full body massage. Elaine and I are now in super chilled mode. It is hard to worry about anything when you are this relaxed.

Tonight we are going to bed early as tomorrow we need to get up at 05:00am.
Wondering why? Stay tuned.