Whenever you pass a travel agency’s outlet in a shopping mall, you’ll always see the posters of people walking on white beaches with lush tropical plants and endless sunshine. People relaxing, laughing and simply forgetting about everything else while they are on an island that is far far away.

Today, we were those people.

Mauritius is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have seen and walking around in a poster-like environment is something I am not used to.

It is ridiculous to see how fast your body goes to ‘relax mode’ when you are met by the friendly locals and the awesome hotel staff that does everything for you.

This morning we just chilled in the pool. That’s all we did. Couldn’t care if the world was about to end, we just sipped a few drinks in the pool and chilled it out. After having such a hard and difficult morning, we made an afternoon stroll through the streets of Grand Baie.

The island is beautiful and we are already considering to come back next year.